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AT4 or a return to my wonderful family


After a rather short night, my alarm clock rang at 5:40. Immediately I got up and left me to prepare. I made it without too much noise because my brother was still asleep. Having struggled a bit to close my suitcase, I was finally ready. I still had 10min. So I repeated around my bag, to be sure I took everything.

At 6:20, after being greeted and thanked my brother, I took the way to the station. The streets were deserted of Nîmes yet. I arrived at the station 10 minutes before I left, so I took a bottle of water, and partly on the quay, where I sent an sms to girls.

At 6:50, my train arrived, I climbed in and left it almost immediately. I moved to my place a little crowded with food that was not tucked into my suitcase. Then I tried to rest, but was bored farm. Fortunately for me, some were awakened and responded to my sms.

At 9:50, after 3h by TGV, I arrived at last in the capital. Immediately I started taking the subway, while preventing Nini of my arrival. She called me on the RER, to tell me that she and JB were. When I arrived Gare du Nord, they went down to greet me, and luckily for me JB was still a little room in his suitcase. He then began what I had in hand. Once done, I went to change my euros into pounds.

He only needed Ninou, but she could not immediately, we started to walk Station. Around 11am, the train arrived. We positionName then, so it finds us. We had immediately identified, but it does not seem we have seen. She looked for a moment, then she saw us.

We greeted each other before going Ninou exchanging euros into pounds. Nini and JB then went outside to smoke a cigarette before leaving, while the film was Ninou billboard. A few minutes later, we left our store.

Just pass the customs, we noticed Voulzy behind us. Always very discreet, we started talking about him and Nini asked what he had done apart Beautiful island in the sea We were dying of laughter. Then we sat near the door, saw that our board would soon begin. No sooner was I seated than Voulzy pondered them in my back. He carried with him a simple synth!

At 11:45 boarding began. Of course with our legendary bowl, our car was very far. After a few minutes we were able to take place in the Eurostar Ninou beside me.

During the trip, we have a good laugh. Nini had won a card game. So we started to play the battle ... but Nini was quickly removed, we stopped. We So then talked about everything and nothing, while laughing a lot.

At 1:29 p.m., we finally arrived in London. Of course the weather was overcast, after all we were in England. Barely out, we found awaiting us Manon. It was then hug for everyone. Then we went then to the subway, and have had the chance to take almost immediately. As there were empty seats, we have obviously jumped on it!

During the trip we did well to change the idiots! Besides this we found a girl that seemed familiar to the hotel we learned that was French, she did not dare speak to us .... Anyways. The time passed very quickly underground. Once at Heathrow, we had time to take a public bus that took us close to the Renaissance.

We then took the time to take some pictures, before moving forward. No sooner were we outside the hotel that Susann we jumped on it. Nini gave her his lighter. Susa was in heaven. Then we came back. First we picked up our passes, recovered before our room ... and I had to wait Manon Titi, I had therefore sent an sms. When she did not arrive, we went to put our suitcase in the bedroom of JB and Nini before falling and falling on the French that we certainly welcomed.

We met with Manu, Vivi .... And of course we took some pictures. Then Tweety and Mary arrived. Titi we recovered our room then we went to put our business before falling and falling on Caro and Francis. We then hailed, then we all discussed before the group is split in two.

Our group who settled on the sofas, while others go to the bar. We discussed a lot, Avont and made a trip to Merchandising, where I bought badges and tickets for the raffle! We have met John, we have warmly welcomed and with whom we have just discussed. It took us a picture several times.

Towards 19h, we were hungry. So we decided to go to McDonalds. Manon and I went to see the second group to see if they wanted to come with us. They were not hungry, so we do not insist.

At Mcdonald we shook at a table because we were a little too many ... .10 for a table of 8 lol. In short we ate, we laughed, we say stupid things ... things that normal for a ball in fact! lol Then we went back to the hotel quickly because it was raining! lol

The second group was on the sofa, so we go we have mixed them. But they did not stay long, as has barely settled, they went to eat at McDonald's. ... Brief. So we spread out on sofas, and an American came we spoke French. The poor struggled a bit, but was speaking French. We asked a few questions about our coming and Amanda shapping and chin ... we have a good laugh with it elsewhere. Then a hotel staff also came to talk to us, and ended up giving us two bottles of wine a few minutes later.

We have served and then drank to the Convention. Good wine was not terrible, but hey it's the gesture that counts as they say!
So we were settled on the sofas (me half lying in the Roman mdr), a glass of wine in hand, completely by laughing the crap out, when suddenly I saw Amanda in front of me, get . When she arrived at our height, I greeted her by raising my glass, and she greeted us back with a smile on his lip. I wished him good evening what she wished us the same thing and we said "tomorrow is" a big smile on his lips. ... she had to say that for us the evening had already begun.

Poor Marie, began to cry and comforted us, laughing. Then we returned to our conversation. Around 2 am, we all decided to go to bed, to be fit for tomorrow. After long good night, we took the elevator.

With Manon we got back to our room, which luckily Elodie was still awake. We then talked a bit, then we went to bed.


The alarm rang at 6:30, each in our turn, we made a passage in the bathroom. When we had finished preparing ourselves we still had a lot of time. But having nothing to do in the bedroom, we descended into the lobby.

We met the girls, who were also waiting. Nini and JB were missing. After a while not seeing yet arrived, I sent an sms to Nini for what they did. Then with the girls we went to place in the room. Mary, Dorothy, and Carine Lili (Lili's friend) were placed just behind Titi and me.

After several minutes, we saw JB and Nini arrived, the poor had forgotten to get up! Hardly were they installed the talk of openness began.

Every year Becky got in first on the scene, she recalled a few points of regulation, then spoke to Amanda. After his speech ended, they passed us a few videos made by the staff of Gabit. In the video, I turned my head toward the screen, watching for the arrival Amanda. It was not long before this show, then I saw his elbow and a piece of his mind. Immediately I turned to the girls to tell them.

After clips Becky came on stage and introduced Amanda who finally arrived on stage. We greeted with a standing ovation (yes I know to change DDRR). She was embarrassed and laughed stupidly. But she soon returned and we welcomed AT4. She spoke a little, then the questions began flying.

(then a matter of practice I'll copy down the questions I found on lj)

Q: What is your favorite drink and why? ( <= si vous comprenez pas l’allusion, lisez le résumé de la Haven lol)
AT: (brief pause with a slightly cheeky smirk) Water. Because it's so healthy. Water is very good for you. Alcohol is baaaad.

Q: Between Richard Dean Anderson and Robin Dunne, who "drops trow" the most?
AT: Robin Dunne. Rick would do it mostly for the shock value, but Robin seems to do it because he genuinely enjoys it. I think he's probably waiting for me to go "woooooo!" (she mimes pulling her shirt up to flash her chest) But no... not gonna happen.

She teases that it's her animal magnetism that makes men want to drop their pants around her.

Q: What does an Executive Producer do?
AT: (cheeky grin) Whatever I want.

Amanda spoke about her responsibilities as an EP. That she has a lot more to pay attention to. Script breakdowns, team meetings, being a mentor to younger actors, sound production, editing.

Q: Can you tell us about your experience on Ghost Hunters?
AT: She described the atmosphere of the fort they were in as very cold and filled with a sense of desperation. It was freaky. She was also hungry most of the time. After filming wrapped she asked the guys what they do now and they said "We go home. Go to sleep." Amanda went "What?!" She returned to her hotel, refusing to go to sleep. She turned on the television, every single light, and spent a lot of time on the phone to Allan (her husband).

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment on the Sanctuary set?
AT: We were shooting a scene and Robin has to swing his arm out to the side to stop us in our tracks and so his arm reaches out and his hand lands on my boob. And he just stays there, like he's almost afraid to move before patting around the area to check that - yep he really just did that.

Q: Who do you fangurl? And do you ever get nervous to talk to another "celebrity"?
AT: I recently got to sit at a Q&amp;A with Carol Burnett and I was too afraid to ask her a question. My mom kept nudging me to say something and I just sat there shaking my head in fear. Carol Burnett has great legs by the way! She's like 70 years old and has amazing legs. I'm also a huge fan of Dawn French and the Vicar of Dibley and got to visit the set during the shooting for the final episode, I mean, how awesome is that. And when I met her I was speechless, and just stood there grinning like an idiot. So I really get the whole fandom thing.

Q: What is your fondest memory of spending time with your family and Olivia? Do you have a favorite music you enjoy listening to?
AT: I listen to a lot of children's music and watch a lot of kids movies. I recently had an invite to a go to a U2 concert with Damian (Kindler) and Robin (Dunne) but I turned it down because I promised Olivia that we would watch Bambi together. (laughs) You know the first time we saw it together I told Olivia that Bambi's mother ran away. (the audience goes "aww"). So, when we watched it the other day Olivia turns to me and says "No mummy, she's dead. She's like four!"

Q: How do you prepare yourself for intense and emotional scenes like the one in Eulogy?
AT: I'll often find myself a quiet corner to prepare. A "good" thing about filming Eulogy was that I was already a mess. It was also the last scene that we shot and you can see my eyes getting puffier and puffier with each take. I also cry a lot more now that I'm a mother. A good phone company ad makes me want to cry! I was lucky because it was an emotional time for Emilie and myself, and I actually got to cry whereas Emilie had to hold it together. And that was hard for her. I just went to my hormonal happy place! And I know there has been a huge fan reaction to Ashley's death, and we will find a way to bring her back. There are a lot of reasons behind the decision that was made, some of which you know, some of which you'll never know, but we definitely want to find a way to get Emilie back.

Q: If you could have an abnormal ability, which one would you like to have?
AT: I think teleportation. Even though it messes with your head a little. Not that you'd notice it with me! (laughter) Well this way I'd get to go anywhere in the universe without having to use a Stargate. I could teleport everywhere without having to go through airport security. I could take my tweezers! I always seem to get them confiscated!

Q: Sam Carter. Helen Magnus. Stuck in an elevator. What do they say to each other, particularly about their love lives?
AT: I'm in love with a man I can never have.
Me too!
So... Jack the Ripper eh?
He wasn't always like that.
My boyfriends all die around me.
My boyfriend's killed a lot of women!
Boy I Wish I Was Amanda Tapping, Men Drop Their pants around her!

She Promised to think more about this and Thomasina Gibson or recruited to impromptu skit year on Sunday.

course as every year, Gabit had prepared something for him out of the scene. For this first talk, a replicator articulated walked on stage and made her leave the stage, in our laughter and applause.
With nothing left to do before the talk of the afternoon, we went out and of course we made a turn to merchandising. There was not much, I bought two pictures (one for Fella, she asked me to buy him an autographed photo). Manon then we went to buy raffle tickets and tickets for coffee with Amanda.


Then we returned to the lounge where we settled on the sofas. We talked and laughed. Around 11, some were hungry, they are party to McDonalds to eat a little. Manon Manuel and we got into our room where we sat on the bed. Of course we talked about issues this morning but the evening to come and wine the night before.

We ate some dragibus, just to get something still in the womb, because we were not hungry, and we drank some Coke too. Manuel has watched our photo books. Manon then we did a touch up makeup before going back down and we approach the dogs to pet them, before returning to sit on the sofa, until the return of others. We have discussed, then we left to sit in the room, the two talk would begin.

course, new videos made by Gabit always, we were shown. This time Ninou had taken the place of lili behind me. So pending the arrival of Amanda, we said again nonsense.

Then Amanda went back on stage, of course we cheered again. She told us a little picture in the morning, before resuming questions:

Q: Between Richard Dean Anderson and Chris Heyerdahl, Who is the best kisser.
AT: Oooh. (Thinks) You know it really IS Two very different experiences. With Rick and I, We Were Always goofing around beforehand Because We Are Such Good Friends. And it's different with Chris o Because characters are in. A completely different relationship than Sam and Jack were. With Druitt, there is a lot of passion. I mean it's a tough thing to do but my job is to kiss all of these handsome men!

Q: If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take with you? And what three things would Sam and Helen take with?
AT: Is my family there?
Q: Yes.
AT: Is my mom there?
Q: Yes.
AT: And my dog?
Q: Yes.
AT: I'd take my guitar, a journal, and a camera. I think Helen would take a journal... a tea-pot of course!... and a microscope. Sam would take a telescope... Jack... and a fishing rod.

The funny thing about Sam's items was that most of the audience said "Jack" alongside her.

Q: You seemed to take a lot of risks with your character in the short film "Stuck", How did you prepare for that?
AT: I did a lot of research into addiction. JR and I dressed down and walked East Hastings street in Vancouver where people were literally shooting up in the alley, and there's an air of desperation and hopelessness. And then when we were done we got in our cars and drove home, and I felt like a bit of a jerk.

Q: Why, with all of the blue jello that Sam has eaten over the years, have we never seen Sam with a blue tongue?
AT: Really?! I have no idea! I was always walking around showing off my blue tongue to the crew.

Apparently in the early days of Stargate they brought her all of this desert to choose from and she chose blue jello because it seemed particularly un-Sam like. Eventually the crew stopped asking her what desert she wanted because she always chose the jello, so they would automatically have it ready for her.

Q: Was there any 'puff and ruffle' on the SGA set?
AT: Joe was always playing it cool, whilst Jason is just so devastatingly handsome that he only had to walk on set and women forgot their names. David Hewlett... was not very subtle.

Q: Was there a significance to the fruitloops in Continuum? How they were the wrong brand, and it's relation to Jack?
AT: You know before they thought of fruitloops, Sam was constantly picking up phallic objects. They were like "Oh look, Sam's pickin' up a cucumber. Sam's pickin' up a banana. I mean come on! But yes, Sam chose the fruitloops because she missed Jack.

Q: I read on IMDB that you were once in a play called "Boeing Boeing", can you tell us about that?
AT: The play is a farce involving a lot of quick entrances and exits. Amanda played one of the stewardesses and originally the run was only meant to be for a few weeks but got extended for a few months and by the end of it all, Amanda was the only one still happy and bouncy about it all. One of the actors hated the show so much they would deliberately change the lines or use one from a later act. Everyone always had to be on their toes and try to find a way to bring it back to the scene that they were in.

Q: I read somewhere that you and Allan have your own toolboxes?
AT: Yes that's true. Allan is a carpenter and has his own tools. So I like to have my own tools and Allan doesn't get to use them. I have all of these little tools and he never puts them back where they belong! I get to touch his little tools though.

(pause. Amanda starts to giggle. The audience breaks out into hysterics. Amanda tries to save herself by talking about a "big tool" instead which only sends us, and her, into further stiches.

Q: Can you tell us about the Sanctuary episode that you directed.
AT: Yes! I direct the episode "Veritas". It has some very cool shots and my directing style is very similar to Martin Wood's. I like moving cameras and don't like to use a lot of one shots. So there're a lot of dolly shots and crane shots. And in this episode Magnus is slowly going insane which parallels with me slowly going insane between acting, directing, and being an executive producer all at the same time!

Q: Someone congratulated Amanda Her appointment is Gemini.
AT: Amanda didn't think she'd win and she Told Us That Thought Erin Karpluk, The Actress Who stars in "Being Erica" would take home the Statue. She was very gracious about it, and very praiseful About the actor. She Did Say That if she won, Martin Wood WAS going to go up on stage and pretend to Be Her. "Yes. The Camera Does WONDERS for me!"

Manon also asked a question about whether, as she had promised, Amanda had worked his French. What Amanda said yes, but we saw the head shot, she added in French "yes it's true mdrrr. She then explained one of her old neighbors Holiday, who was French, was now head of SyFy France, and she would see her soon because she had to give a press conference in Paris.

Then isa also asked a question. She asked what was his favorite French song and if she could sing. Well hold your favorite song of Amanda's "On the pond Avignon" epxdrrrrrrrrrr and see her sing. ... Finally mumble the song was a memorable one so we laughed. And believe me the whole weekend we had laughed with that! lol ... we is mean, I know niark niark niark but at the same time it seeks ... she might have said of Piaf ... not the Pond Avignon ... lol what culture! lol

course, as the talk was coming to an end, Amanda was waiting for his surprise. It was not long in coming. In fact, if Amanda did not leave the scene quickly, she would have to wear the costume of Emancipation ... As you can imagine easily, Amanda did not make old bones on stage and left running! lol

Since almost time for our photo, Ninou and I are back in the room, where we brushing teeth, and a final touch-up hair perfume and we're back down. Luckily our turn had come.

So we put in the queue, chatting with staff and the English that we met. We have a good laugh. Manon then came in first in the room. Just sitting it was the fool, pretending to have Toc, we exploded with laughter. JB Nini and then entered, and then came my turn, and that of others. We put our business in the box provided for that purpose. During the progress of what I call musical chairs, we have a good laugh, and tried to relax Marie, who was Stretched to the extreme.

Shortly passed, and Manon came around. Of course Amanda recognized immediately. They took their picture and Manon Amanda warned that we were 6 French behind. Suddenly we heard screaming "Six French people! Ph my god! "We immediately pretends not to be French before they exploded into laughter with the bodyguard who kept us company and staff.

Nini went next, then when JB took his picture, I got up to keep myself ready. The staff recognized me and said "Well no need to tell you what to do, I think you is accustomed "We laughed, then my turn came, and powa stress in the body at the same time lol

Amanda greeted me with a big smile and a huge hug. She asked me how I was and I answered him very well, and told him that I had my license for the theater. She stepped back slightly, smiling and congratulating me. I thanked her and she said she was proud of me. To which I replied that she was most proud that my own parents. There was half shocked, she asked me why I said that. I explained to him that my parents had not welcomed. Amanda was sad and I asked why they had not done since a license is important. I replied that they did nothing to make. She was sorry for me and gave me another hug, telling me she was really proud of myself. Then we sat for the picture. John took us twice. Amanda then gave me a hug again before I leave.


Once outside, we expected those remaining in the room, then we did another round of the merchandizing. We then exit and have joined the second group, just to spend some time with them. ... but this was short lived as they went for a drink at the bar. We're divided on the couches, leaving time to time that Mary, Nini and JB can smoke their cigarette of course. We talked a little with Susann and her group.

around 18h, we left the room, the auction would begin. Manon came up near us, instead of Carine.

Julia then went on stage and told us of the association of Amanda, Sanctuary for kids. His speech was really beautiful, and he was followed by a clip. During the video I started crying, so the images and music were touching (the music was "Prayer" by Celine Dion) ... and then I thought of my niece, and told me I did not wanted him to live in the conditions ... in short Titine madeleine return. Lol

After the clip I turned to the girls. Manon was in tears. Mary told me proudly: "Did you see I did not cry" and I laugh, "Ah ben bravo you cry for Amanda but for the misery of the world there is no one" mdrrr .... But I knew that Mary kidding.

Then Amanda came on stage, she also was in tears and shouted "I'm Not Usually this emotional Before Sunday! ". It made everyone laugh Assistance course. Amanda told us then of the two associations in depth. She then explained that the money would be collected this year in part to the orphans of Nepal, the association Nepal Orphans Home and the program Watari TYPP. For every child had the right to live safe, be protected, and especially to be treated well ... something that was not always the case. The association argued Nepal 150 children. TYPP Watari The program in turn was a program to help stabilize families homeless in Vancouver. It also gave them money to equip their homes for basic but essential things.

The explanation was touching and really makes you want to help, even if at a small level. Now it only remains to find ways to help ... but I am working on it! lol

Following this speech the auction began. Once again, as prices rose and generosity was palpable in the room ... the only thing I regret is that people expect this kind of event to give money to associations to places to do Normally, without expecting anything in return. But it is good that they do everything short 

During the auction, Legend Memorabilia (merchandisers) called Richard, and gave the phone to Amanda .. She spoke briefly with Richard on the phone. Richard asked if she was in her bathroom, to which we laughed a lot. Then he added, "What are you wearing" Amanda told her when she was with a group of friends and they collected a lot of money for his association. Richard then asked what our names. Amanda laughed and then asked us all to say our name, that of course we did, and Richard is in all this splendor replied "What? "Mdrrr To change the subject, Amanda asked him what he did. He replied "I'm in California and I take the heat and sun," Amanda told him "Well we we're in England, taking advantage of the worst storm of the year" lol Then she asked him what he thought of put two phone call with him at auction. Rick replied, "Sure, whatever you want babe" Of course we were again all died laughing. Amanda screamed then (I put it in English this time it's funny) Let's Start the bidding for a phone call with Mr Richard Dean Anderson. MacGyver, MacGimic, MacGadget. To which Rick replied: "What? I lost you there for a bit "" What! You just missed my best stuff! Then Amanda thanked him and he replied "You'll pay for it later! "

During the auction, and Thomasina She ran across the poor. No sooner were they in a corner of the room, and already they were called to the other end. Then after a while the staff stopped the auction.

Becky went on stage and reminded him that AT3, someone asked Amanda what was to be cheerleader, and if she would have run for a staff association. A video appeared on the screen, and then we saw Amanda replied that yes she would.

Becky then went down the stage and went looking for twirling batons, then she climbed on stage and presented to Amanda the two sticks. Lorsqu'Amanda took one, then a siren sounds and a voice said as they all had to escape to the protocol 47. Staff members immediately release a helmet customized by themselves and put on their heads. Becky offered one to Amanda.

Amanda then took one of the sticks and began their run. Meanwhile the staff went through the ranks with a jump to retrieve the money that fans wanted to give. Then to add to the show, Amanda turned the two sticks together, quite proud of her.

When she had finished, Becky took the microphone and explained that they did not have time to finish the auction because it was still too much. So there silent auction at the exit because they now had the room ready for the ball of abnormal, go to start in just two hours. But before leaving, the director of Legend Memorabilia went on stage and offered a check £ 1,000 to the association. It touched a lot everyone.

Then Amanda then saluted the room and wished us good evening, before leaving the stage to go back to his hotel with Thomasina.

With the girls we got up so we left the room. We then met to begin plans for the evening.

We then cut the group into two, some went to Miami to search for Mcdonald, while others began to prepare.

Nini, Manon and I got into our room, where Manon is changed rapidly. I lent him my scarf to his belt. As her makeup was the longest she had to start first. I gave all my makeup to my otter, and Manon from Nini and therefore in this first room, while I change. Then I took all the food while I took her and my Coke, and I went round to my room with Nini. In the corridors I passed a few customers who looked at me oddly mdrrr.

Check in the room, I put the bag was very heavy, and everyone put what he had brought. Then I began to do my hair for the evening, while Ninou wore make-up double face. Once my braids done, I went to see the girls in the bathroom and Nini advised to use the sponge to the White Manon. Ninou then asked me how was his makeup. ... I think it was successful. As we waited for the girls is finished, put Ninou "I gotta a feeling" (the anthem treats mouahahaha). Ninou then offered a duck and a vibrating massage gel to JB and Nini, to celebrate their 4 year old! Nini was exploded with laughter!

We discussed and Manon helped me to hide my bra under my top, while Nini was changed. I then rejoined in the bathroom, she wears make-up then before I make up my turn. Then we began our tiaras on our foreheads and Nini me put the straps on the arms. We were finally ready. He only wanted JB. Once he had finished, we descended into the lobby.

The ball abnormal

Considering how we were dressed, the staff did not need to ask our abnormality. They were all in costume Victorian dress. That Tracy was really beautiful, she had made herself.

The room was a little but not completely filled. We have found Manu, Doro, Vivi and Mary at a table. The others had not yet arrived. Becky came to greet us and chat a bit with us. Then we started going out that we had brought. Becky looked at me and was making more and more surprised to see that things came out of my bag yet! lol

We went to look for glasses and we used to drink before dancing a little. Do not always seeing the other arrived, we decided to do with Manon round the tables with cakes appetizer, the smurfs and Chamalos.

So here we are to conquer the English! lol Some we knew the haven warmly greeted us and threw themselves on the smurf (and yeah just like Chuck in the evening she takes a Smurf lol). Many have also taken photos, and some were even asking us if they could pick a few things, what we of course said yes! lol

Having finally go around the room we went to our packages rested on the table before returning to the track, where we had the right to the first dance of conv Dorothy! It was finally accomplished mdrrr a geek! John had a lot to dance with us, and we filmed a lot to ... the photos was the same mdrrr! Must say that John is really great!

During one dance, Mary confessed that she wants to dance with John ... as you know me with girls, in less than a minute John knew and danced with her! It was meugnon! Then comes the first dance Viviiiiii! Manu still would not dance (but we had not said our last word lol).

susann Fran and the other came to our table to discuss a bit with us and also eat a little cake appetizer! At the next dance, poor Ninou was crushed foot, while I accompanied him to the bathroom. Of course we did in the lobby fury ... imagine that in the midst of a money well-dressed people there were us one double-sided and one side saddle! lol

In the toilet, Ninou passed water on his foot, and we wondered again, where others could be well spent. On leaving we looked towards the bar, nobody was there! It was strange, but hey, too bad.

Once again in the room, we got back to dancing. Then there was "it's raining man" and there JB 2.other joined the men in the middle of a circle of girl lol! Several minutes later, we saw Lili happen. Immediately we asked her where she and the others were past. She said they went to the pub, but she seemed surprised that we were not aware. To which we replied that no one was not because nobody had told us, especially before the conv everyone had said they would go to the evening. Anyway we did not seek further!

Lili danced a bit before leaving. Manon then began to ache in the knee, I asked if it bothered me to come with her to the toilet. Of course I said no and went with him. His poor knee began to swell, I understood why she was wrong. Should not force it over more. After a bit cool with cold water, we left the room.

the way we met Caroline and Melanie, that we are not even cast a glance. I then planted right in front of the home until Caro turns. I smiled at him and then I left with Manon towards the room. We have again a little dancing dance conv .... It feels weird to spend the next prof ... And yes we are real geeks we know by heart and dances were shown newbies snif ... it's beautiful to grow mdrrr

Then the room emptied slowly, Mary had gone to bed with Doro. There were only Vivi and Manu with us. And as 1am approached, there were only 3 dances. ... Manu danced with us. ... A third geek was born that night !!!!! Then we saw mdrrr JB Nini ask in marriage away. ... What we would ben MDRR not settle, we have therefore welcomed when they came!

Then came the last dance. It was "You Raise Me Up." Immediately we began in a circle, arms over shoulders, swaying to the rhythm of our music. We all sang with the singer. Susann then started crying, before being followed by Manon loan. At the end of the song, we all made a big ball of love, before meeting hugguer!

Sniff the evening was finished! So we store our whistles * * a brothel before leaving the hall now desert. We went to sit in a small room at the end of the hall and continued to do Avont the jerks, while eating and drinking (because I thought there were lots of things ... we had brought some food for 25 and we had not solved even 10) ... anyway!

We have discussed many, many laughs, we made the rec ... ah JB and Nini in the aquarium was great ... or Nini's face that explodes to the ground by sitting on a hope of very low chair! mdrrrr

Then during the discussion, we gave the idea to Nini to sign his duck by Thomasina. And yeah Mdrrr would the joke of the day! Then we again celebrated the engagement of our beloved little couple!

What was so fun is that everything was quiet in the hotel, there was almost nobody except us. Then the 3 am approached, we all decided to sleep a little, since the convention resumed at 8:30!

So we stored what remained, and went to the elevators. En route, two Englishmen who was on the sofa. They were also the Gabit. So we talked a little with them ... they were drunk. We have learned of the engagement and JB Nini, a woman praised them and gave warnings to JB was too much mdrrr! Then we welcomed, and we go and take the elevator.

Having said goodnight, Manon and I went to our room. We tried to make some noise, thinking that Titi was already asleep ... but in fact it was not even there! mdrrr

We therefore took the opportunity to change us, cleansing us, and eat a little ... well what? the bag was not even half empty and then we had almost nothing to eat with Manon of the day ... the dragibus not really want her in the stomach ... ok there was not hungry but yes there DDRR. Then seeing that he was late, we put to bed, before discussing a bit in the dark. Titi arrived several minutes later, she asked us if we bother to turn it, so we say no. She then changed, and came to lie down cleansing. She asked us some questions about the evening and we did not take long before we fell asleep.


The alarm rang at 6:30. Immediately washing the ballet began. Elodie was the first in the bathroom, followed by Manon and finally me. Once ready, we still had a little time, so we ate Manon with one or two dragibus again, just to get something in the belly (mdrrr yes as you noticed we did not eat much during the weekend) .

Can we then went down. We joined the girls on the sofa before going to position ourselves in front of the room, to move to history when it would open those doors. We took the opportunity to greet our English friends.

The doors finally opened and we went to our seats. This time I had nobody next to me, Titi was sitting with others. While we waited for the beginning, we talked with Ninou, Marie Doro ... well what the whole group lol Then Becky took the stage, before showing us again a few clips.

Then Amanda came running on stage and announced happily that she had not won a Gemini Award. We were all disappointed for her, especially that she really deserved it! Amanda also joked about the fact that Martin Wood, Damian Kindler and Robin Dunne had sent him text messages throughout the night, believing they did not know the time difference! Lol

The question and answer session, commença ensuite :

Q: Would you ever do something like "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here"?
AT: No. Because it would take me away from my family, and I cherish every moment I have with them. I mean, I'd win it, obviously. But it's no my bag.

Q: I read a recent interview where you spoke about how it would be silly to think that in 158 years, Helen had only been with men. And I wanted to thank you for that because not a lot of people would have had the courage to admit something like that. Can you talk about that a little?
AT: Absolutely. You know it would have been boring if Helen had only been with men for over a century. When we were first fleshing out Helen's character, I'd sit with Damian and Martin and they would be listing all of these great and famous men that Magnus had known and bedded, and I was like "but what about these women?" and they were like "oh... yeah cool."

She mentioned Amelia Earhart specifically because Amanda finds her fascinating. She admits that one of the reasons why the image in the opening credits has changed from Albert Einstein to Amelia is due to that very conversation. Of course... the people in charge of Amelia's estate don't quite know THAT reason! She also said it would be nice to explore this side of Helen, and she could choose her guest star because she's an executive producer.

She also mentioned how one day Damian mentioned that Helen was now 158. He figured that she was 157 when they started out so she has to be 158 by now. Amanda turns to him and says "What, no cake?"

Q: Have you conquered your fear of heights?
AT: I thought the best way to get over my fear of heights is to... jump out of plane.

Amanda describes the pre-jump training and how if you could jump and roll and land on both feet so that you didn't snap your ankles, that you were ready to leap out an aircraft. She was also the first jumper so she couldn't geek out because everyone behind her was waiting to follow. She jumped, tried not to look down, and deployed her shute. Just as she's nearing the ground a wind sweeps her and drags her into a freshly cut field! She can't slow down and she can't stop, so she's being cut and scraped by rough stalks, poor thing! However, she was incredibly proud of her jump and when she got home, Allan was up on the roof repairing something and asked her to bring him up a tool he'd forgotten... everyone starts giggling again... and she's all like "pshh this is easy. Just jumped out of an airplane." So she climbs up the ladder and gives him the tool, she turns around to go back down and starts to have a panic attack from being so high up.

She fastforwards to "Trio" and shooting the scene with David and Jewel. Now their characters were supposed to be afraid of heights and yet as actors they're climbing around like monkeys. Poor Amanda froze during filming on the beam. Martin is near her and she whispers to him "I-can't-move." Jewel asks her if something is wrong and she whispers again "I-can't-move." And Jewel tilts her head and says "Aww... honey." Eventually the stunt man had to come and get her and the tears were rolling down her face.

Amanda took a long time telling this story so eventually she says "Did I answer the question?" and she giggles a little. "Have I conquered my fear of heights? No."

Q: How do you approach or deal with scenes of nudity on Sanctuary, particularly for Clara.
AT: Amanda is very careful with nudity. She says it is absolutely important that the actress feels comfortable with everything she is doing. She said that the actress who plays Clara was fine with everything, but Amanda still made sure she had constant eye contact with her to ensure she wasn't just saying that. Amanda was upfront with how they were going to film it, and also told us that they have a very limited crew during such scenes.

She makes a comparison to the shower scene in "Pavor Nocturnus". It was one of the hardest nights of filming for both her, and the crew. Most of the crew just couldn't be present for filming, but she told us that a big part of the reason why she could film that scene is because she feels entirely safe with her cast and with her crew. That they are like a family, encouraging and supportive.

Q: Are you still finding that people treat you differently now that you're a brunette?
A: Yes. People speak more quickly to me now.

For those who might not know, Amanda was fearful that Olivia might not adjust to the new hair color and used Magnus' wig to let her get used to the idea. Olivia adjusted quickly and came to like it. However there was a time where there was something Olivia wanted and Amanda said "no", so Olivia turned around and said "I don't like your hair mummy."

Q: Other than being an actor and an EP on Sanctuary, do you have any hobbies? Things you like to do with you family?
A: I enjoy playing guitar. I have an acoustic. Olivia and I sit and play songs and sing together. I'm not great, it's Something That goal we like to do together. (Amanda Lowers Her Eyes and Her finger points At The G4) i would never play guitar for charity.

The talk draws to a close, the countdown resumed the Gabit ... at the end of 60 seconds, a velociraptor appeared on the screen scaring Amanda! Mdrrr

With the girls so we left the room as well. We returned to merchandising bought the last tickets for the raffle. With Manon then we bought a puppy for Hearing Dogs ... I called him shapping * whistles * mdrrr. I attached to my past. Manon then bought out Christmas chevron transparent! We then stroked a black poodle, which was called City and was 5chiots Dad! It was his birthday, we would have so desired. Then we stroked a puppy, which was rather fufu, normal since the world was there. He tried to shapping chopper, but I did not let him. His master either, but I explained that I used to have myself 4chiens. We talked a bit, then we came out of the room.


We went to sit near the pool, then we Ninou Nini and started taking pictures of Ducky everywhere. ... English was the duck so cute ... the poor mdrrrr knew what it was lol! Meanwhile we talked to Benoit, who had come to see Lili.

We then joined some other group. Some were amused to pop balloons ... I would not say what I think, because here is good, but be aware that puppies have feared!

Then Manon with us we approached a puppy, black poodle. And we learned that the puppy was a baby ... lol City initially I thought it was City, I like what the eye lol. The puppy was also glad to see the world. Then we went to see another dog, before picking our photos, which were arrived. We showed we're all of us. Then we went outside, where we've found Suse and friends. After re-signed his little newspaper, we improvised a Doctor Who at the sound of his laptop which was not very strong. It followed a small photo shoot, we all really enjoyed it.

Some hungry, then went to McDonalds. Me I stayed with Ninou and Manon at the hotel. We put together a bit in our room, just to choose our photos for the afternoon. Then we ate some cake appetizer, not to fall and then we went into the chamber Ninou. We stayed in a little chamber Ninou, so that the knees of Manon sits a little, and we are way down. We talked a little girls who had returned, before returning to the room.

New clips nous ont été montrés avant qu’Amanda ne monte sur scène. Immédiatement elle repris le talk :

Q: Which Beatle?
AT: John. Or George. Actually it would be funny if someone asked Helen that question and she said "Well Ringo, of course."

Q: What was your favorite costume to wear?
AT: My combat fatigues.

She, Chris, and Michael all "permanently borrowed" their uniforms when Stargate SG1 ended its run.

Q: I just wanted to remind you of the Sam/Helen elevator skit you wanted time to think about... just in case you had forgotten.
AT: I was hoping YOU had!

Thomasina Gibson - author of the Stargate companions and friend to Amanda - joins Ms Tapping on stage. Thomasina announces that she wants to play "the pretty one." She takes on the role of Sam, and Amanda plays Helen. There really aren't enough words to describe how funny this scene was, and I really wish my brain was functioning well enough to remember all of it. I can only recall a fraction of it, and most is through being jogged by other memories post con.

Helen: Nice boots.
Sam: Thank you, it's for the job.
Helen: Sexy.

Helen: So have you got someone waiting outside?
Sam: Yeah... you could say that. His name's Jack. You?
Helen: I've got a Jack too! Sort of...
Sam: Is he good? Romantic?
Helen: ...More like - kinky.

Sam: So what does he do?
Helen: He likes to... rip things.
Sam: Jack the ripper?
Helen: Yes. What does yours do?
Sam: He... fishes.
Helen: Jack the fisher?

Helen: Does he build things?
Sam: Yes. If you give him a stick of gum.

Q: You seem to be more open about the possibilities of Sam and Jack being together now. What has influenced your decision? If you think back to the early seasons where you were very vocal about Sam and the feminist angle and compare it to an episode like Grace where Sam seemed to be defined by a man and a child. Was that problematic for you?
AT: Actually, no. Sam had an interesting evolution. She buried herself in being a scientist and being a soldier, and it took seven seasons to realize that she wanted more. She couldn't be with Jack then, but there is nothing stopping them from being together now. Why I believe it is because they are no longer in the same chain of command. Sam commands the Hammond and doesn't answer directly to Jack. Jack in turn, doesn't give her direct orders. So the issue of the regs no longer applies, and they are free to be with each other. I also think bringing it back to the issue of feminism and how they wrote Sam in season one, that women have so much strength and it is not about rallying war cries with feminist arguments. We have more to give than that.

Q: Will we learn more about Helen, because no one knows exactly what the source blood did to her?
AT: Yes there is a lot more to Helen than her longevity.

One day we will learn what that is.

Q: Welcome to Twitter. Does the Internet scare you at all? Because on the one hand people can be very supportive, but on the other people can be unnecessarily cruel.
AT: Amanda likes the idea of Twitter because she can be very direct with it, and it feels more innocent than facebook or other social networking sites where she might constantly feel like she's letting people down. Her opinion about the Internet is that it often gives people a platform to say what they want without consequence. She feels that if you're going to say something, then own it. Make sure that when you say something about someone else online, that you'd be prepared to say that exact same thing to their face.

Une nouvelle fois le compte à rebours repris. A la fin de celui-ci Amanda ne bougeait toujours pas…Commença alors la music of happiness, with images and words on the screen. Amanda tried to sing, but never went as i-or! lol Then came the member of staff dressed as shepherds and shepherds of Switzerland. They gave a sheep stuffed with Amanda. Mdrrrr the poor was very difficult to sing and sing the room was more than anything else ... where the sheep too .... Should not blame him she is blonde, she does not know that lint does not sing mdrrrr We all exploded laugh.

Then Amanda leave the scene along with staff, and we leave the room in turn. We're back in the room for the finishing touches, then we went downstairs and waited our turn in the queue.

Arrival in the room, the staff checked our files, and then began the game of musical chairs. Terri, the staff who looked after the hall, came to speak when she heard that we were French. We laughed with her, until she decides to blackmail us ... MDRR So we started a very nice "on the pond d'Avignon" in dedication to the DDRR Amanda staff was exploded with laughter, then we Chained on "La vie en Rose" by Edith Piaf, history of back level DDRR and we ended with "Champs Elysees by Joe Dassin.

This had the effect of relax a little Mary! Wouhouuuu! lol Then she went and Ninou. For once our international Marie did not shed a tear ... must say that she had 2 coaches ready to pounce on him if the tears rose (Ninou and Amanda can be very persuasive when they want lol).

Then came my turn and that of Manon. Manon could not tell her what she wanted, she asked me to tell Amanda in case. So I talked to Amanda told me that Manon. Amanda immediately had tears in her eyes, she stood up, walked around the table and took Manon in her arms. Manon was in tears. I passed my hand in the back of Manon, while talking to Amanda's ear Manon. At one time my hand touched that of Amanda and titin in all its splendor "oops it's my hand! Cannonball! In short, Amanda Manon kept against her a few minutes before releasing him and say a few comforting words, then she turned to me and say I was a good friend, I replied "I do not know if I am a good friend, but I do my best "and Amanda rested on the fact that I was a good friend. Amanda then gave the photos to Manon, while saying new words comforting, Manon before retreating slightly to Thomasina, expecting.

Amanda signed my first photo, while Julia and I watched my second bliss for my choice ... I chose Requiem. I told him that I loved this Zode!


Then I talked to Amanda, I explained the situation to my mom, just the word Bipolar, Amanda took my hand in hers, holding it firmly. She felt that I was shaking a lot. Anyway everybody saw that my legs were spaghetti. Despite the fact my eyes were dry because of stress, my voice was filled with tears, crying for me and Amanda. So I explained to him the past two years, and thanked him for bringing me the strength it brought me, and for everything she did not know it in my life. Amanda was hit and told me she would have liked to do more, but that in any case it was my heart with me. She said a few comforting words to me too, while squeezing my hand hard to show me that she thought what she said. Anyway read the sincerity in his eyes.

Then having ended, I me again and said that in a happier topic, there was good news. The two people behind me ... Nini and JB, were engaged yesterday. Immediately she congratulated them. Before then greeted me by saying nice things again, then went to Manon's table Thomasina.

Thomasina was dead laughing at what was going to be signed Manon. She even took a picture. Lol Then she was impressed that I made him sign. We talked a bit, then we advanced to the exit. We recovered our gift and our business before going out, and exploded into tears. Stress is past, we could no longer detain us. Mumsey kindly offered us handkerchiefs.

Once girls and JB passed, we went out and we're sitting on a bench. Manon we could not stop us, more when the other one began again off again like clockwork.

Francis, who was close with the other group, made me some signs and asked me if I cried, to which I replied yes, he pouted sad. Then after a good half hour we finally arrived to completely stop our tears. It really was a powerful experience that I lived with Amanda, and I know he was the same for Manon. I do not forget any time soon.

After we're back, we just discussed, to talk of closure. This time I sat between Ninou and Manon, people are already gone. But when I came to my place I found a bag ... mouahahah I had won something at the raffle .... I had won the schedule of a Zode stargate, autographed by Amanda! Then another gift ... j'eu cup Avalon mouahaha!



Manon had also had tips, Angy showed him the bag, but because of her knee she could not get them. I therefore asked him to go, she agreed. I went out and ran to the rank Angy .... Some people were afraid for me, thinking I was going to fall .... Bin and not missed the people, I master the heels me sir! I came to mdrrr Angy who taught me that it would come with me because she was asked something to Manon, mdrrr so back running again ... but no one was there fear they understood I was pro in the art of running in heels lol. Manon had therefore won a t-shirt Helen Magnus, a DVD and a DVD Conv of Season 4 of SG1 autographed. Ninou she won on a board of several autographs from several players in the world of science fiction!

After a few minutes, the ceremony began. Like every year, videos of the weekend had passed ... almost all centered on the staff ... lol. Julia then went on stage to deliver his speech that always cry everyone and Amanda first! Of course Manon and me who were not quite recovered from the photo session, FONDIM in tears! lol

After the speech, Amanda took the stage in tears and thanked us and gave a little speech between sobs. SCREEN was then posted the amount raised: £ 553.24 24. Amanda was impressed by the figure and began to cry a little! Although the amounts were divided into two. £ 8923.01 left for the Hearing dogs and 15 £ 630.23 for Sanctuary for kids. With the money that we could Sponsored 9chiens, and half of another, that's when we learned that Legends Memorablia gave the missing money to sponsor the 10th dog!

Amanda thanked everyone, after talking to a member of Hearing Dogs. She could not get back all the generosity. She poured again a few tears as she spoke, then wished us a safe journey home and gave us an appointment to AT5, before leaving the scene ... AT4 was finished.

With the girls we left the room. Then with Ninou Manon and the other, we assembled in the rooms to put our photos. Ninou Manon was with me and we therefore accompanied in his room then. En route we picked up ice for the knee of Manon, the poor had evil. We stayed a while in the chamber Ninou, ice on the knee swelled Manon, and talked about the weekend.

Then we went back downstairs, where Manon has called his parents to see if they could pick her up tomorrow at the station due to its knees. Once the call from the past, we returned with the girls. The group then split into two parts, one went for pizza and drinks, while the other sat on a couch.

With Manon and girls we installed again on the sofa, and Tracy came to talk to us. The poor had forgot his cup in the room, so we have advised him to go and fetch her, which she did. Then we will have kept her business while she went to get McDonalds ... it was so hungry that she ate everything on the way home. On her return she spoke with us before returning with his friends.

Shortly later, the other half of the group returned with pizza and drinks. Then began the meal ... and I thought that Ben was good to eat! lol So we ate quietly while discussing everything and nothing .... for a change! lol

Then the other group being lifts, decided to go Ninou transfer its business (such as mixing and titi caro had decided to do a sleepless night, bar and exchanged Ninou Room). So I followed her since I had the map of our room and that poor Manon could not walk.

arrivals to the elevators, Ninou Titi told she would leave the card in their room, as had the other Mélan Y'avait no worries. Titi fila Ninou his card, then Caro said goodbye, not knowing if she would see me again later.

After that we mounted in the chamber Ninou, which drew so business. Once everything away, she put her card on the desk and we party in our room! Immediately she sat, then I took the remains of the day we went down for others. I also brought back the pc Manon, she had asked me before leaving.

Immediately bullshit and discussions fusèrent, while Manon recovered the photos of everyone! The table was not found in pizza boxes and drinks and other sweets aperitifs. Angy we came to speak several times, and lili.

Then around midnight we decided to put everything to go to bed, we we were up early the next day. So we clean the table and went to the bar and Manu Ninou to ask or were garbage. The bartender we took our cards and our bag of cake appetizer (I'm deg y'es that was really a mess, but I would do most have in the future), saying he was in charge. One woman looked strangely ... but the chick bourgeois style. ... And we bare feet with the corpses of pizza, not really dressed for a brief 4stars ... she nearly had a fainting mdrrr!

Then we went back to the other, we are welcomed and we're all back in our rooms. With the girls we have tides, we stowed our luggage a bit, then we changed. Basically they stopped talking it was 3am, and then we slept!


The alarm rings at 7:30. Immediately we get up, then we wash, dress, before finishing to pack! What it feels good to have a lighter bag! Already it's less hands hurt! lol

Because we have a little time before us, we discuss the conv then everything and anything. Departure time approaching, we descend. We applaud the balls already there, before going to the card room. Once done we all talk together and then we decide to wait for the bus outside. So we go out, and Suse and her friends join us. It is sad to see us leave and look forward to seeing you again. We discuss a lot of time to greet us. The hugs were made with emotion ... it's always sad goodbye!

Shortly after the bus finally arrives. We go up and we install. After arriving at Terminal 2, we go out and start taking the subway (trust me mdrrr y'en a walking before arriving there mdrrr).

Once on the dock, we decided to take one last group photo, so we sit and take pictures in shouting Moukine! lol Then the subway arrives and we climb inside. We sit down and start Metro. Shortly after a group of English we almost climbing to go sit ... the worst is that they descended to the next station! lol

Then came King's Cross. So we leave and go back into the station. Having a little time we enter the Marks and Spencer, where we buy some food for the journey. Then the time of registration arriving, we decided to go.

front of the gates we say goodbye to the girls with great emotion. I do not like saying goodbye is always painful, because we do not know when we'll meet again! Pff so after a few tears, we head record.

Once on the Eurostar, and JB Nini Ninou will find something to nibble again. Then the time to take the train arrives. And ben bad luck our car was soooooo far away lol, so we walked for a while, before boarding the train. Again Ninou is beside me.

During the trip we ate, we laughed and we talked. Then we arrived in Paris. Having plenty of time, we went out. JB and Nini have smoked a cigarette while talking and then we went to a cafe where we had a hot chocolate. ... And in great Gentleman, JB has paid for everything (marci dutrouuuuuu uncle lol).

The time of my departure arrived, everyone decides to accompany me to the subway. And there's a new goodbye ... sniff! Then I went down to my RSP.

Arrive at Gare de Lyon, I had to wait a bit, since I was a little early. So I took the opportunity to buy a bottle of water and something to nibble. The hour of departure arrived, I climbed on the platform. Once seated in the train, I started to cry, pffff it's always like that! As I felt it coming, I of course already a handkerchief in his hand .... Then 3hrs later I was back to Nimes ... the weekend was well and truly finished!


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